Emotionalism according to www.dictionary.com is 1. Excessive emotional character ; the emotionalism of sentimental  fiction  2.Strong or excess appeal to the emotions; the emotionalism of patriotic propaganda. 3. A tendency to display emotions freely or to rely on or place too much value on emotion; undue display of emotion.


I will define emotionalism as simply showing of too much sentiment that is uncalled for. Emotionalism can hamper child upbringing in a big way which is why I decided to write on it.  Child upbringing for me  is the way a child is raised , the lessons, instructions and teachings that parents deliberately put the child through.

Child upbringing is not a stroll in the park, parents have a huge role to play in raising good children that will be useful  to the family and the society at large. When children are born , they are fully humans,  thus they are social , responsive , emphatic and emotional. These qualities are not taught but are inborn and for these qualities develop properly , children need to be around adults who behave in ways that respect and model proper social and human behavior. For proper upbringing of a child , parents ,  teachers, guardians and schools must deliberately teach children about emotions. Children need to learn to control their emotions.


An uncontrolled emotion is what often gets even adults off track and into problems.  No parent or guardian has a total control on what or how children feel at  a particular time. It is not totally wrong to teach children to hide their  emotions, but the emphasis should be how to  properly manage their emotions. In doing this, the best recommended way  is what is tagged   ‘PARENTS MODEL SELF REGULATION’; Parents must resist being too emotional around the kids, they must resist shouting and yelling at each other in the presence of the kids, children model the adults around them.  Every time you model in front of your children  how to stop yourself from acting when you are angry, your child is learning emotional regulation. This is the most practical way in bringing up a child to be emotionally balanced. As a parent or guardian you might not be perfect in doing this, just keep making steps in the right direction and keep being deliberate in bringing up your children….


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