Happy New Month folks!!! Its me Obichukwu again. this is a write -up that has questions that can only be answered by a father and husband who needs to change in order to be a good example to his daughter(s) and an intending father and husband who needs to put in place a good foundation for his marital life.

As a father and the head of your family would you want your daughter to marry a man like you? Can your daughter(s) use you as a model to decide who she marries. As a parent you must be deliberate and intentional about the environment you create for your children, your daughters especially.  How do you treat your wife and mother of your children in and out of their presence? As a father you must understand that your daughter(s) mirror the male child through you.  According to Jhon Emilie;

The type of men that women date and have long term relationships with are mostly related to the kind of relationship a girl has with her father.

Even research has shows that father daughter bond have been shown to coo-relate with academic abilities.  your daughter(s) consciously and unconsciously take note of how you treat their mother and other women and this sets standards to which they will use to settle for a man.  As father, your daughter(s) should see the following in you;

  • A gentleman
  • A honourable man
  • A man that shows respect
  • A man that has integrity
  • A responsible man
  • A hard working man
  • love
  • Faith

images (2)

A lady who saw her dad open doors for her mum, will take note of a gentle man when she meets one. Daughter(s) should see their dads honour their mum and other women. As a father your words should march your actions. The two important virtues any man and father should have are FAITH & LOVE. Your baby girl should see genuine love from a man through you, she should see love that equals words & actions, what is your love for God like? Are you the priest and levite of your home, are you in the forefront of spiritual matters and issues in your home. answering these questions will surely aid in making you that dad your daughter will wish her husband to be like.


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