Like i will always say, this is me sharing my thoughts. We all know what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. This topic  struck me when i visited a relative and i got to see an unpleasant situation. All around you see parents and guardians who feel they can get away with any of their actions cause they are adults.

They tell lies in the presence of their children and wards but get angry and punish them when they lie. Just like the caption of this write-up states, your children follow your example more than your advice or flogging. We must establish the fact that a lie is a lie whether big or small. The aim of this write-up is not just about parents and guardians telling lies around their kids but also about making them tell lies.
Most people can relate to the scenario  of  parents, an aunty or uncle instructing them to tell a visitor that they are not around while they are hiding in the house. A lot of parents and guardians today are guilty of making their wards tell this so called small lie not knowing that as easy as it may seem they’re indirectly teaching them that to lie sometimes is good. As people that our kids look up to, we are supposed to make small sacrifices in order to for them to grow into right values and lifestyles.

In practicality i don’t think it is too difficult to properly schedule meetings or in some cases see who we didn’t plan to see rather than make our kids lie on our behalf. Yes! I know we are in the big ‘A’ (i.e Africa ), where people will pay you unscheduled visits but this is still not an excuse to make our kids tell lies. I believe we  just need to do what is right no matter how inconveniencing it seems so as to raise a next generation that will do better especially in a country like Nigeria.


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