8 Steps to Homeschool Success
Mother and daughter with homework

PARENTS MUST DEFINE SUCCESS FOR THEIR CHILDREN SO THE WORLD DOES NOT DEFINE IT FOR THEM AND CALL THEM FAILURES. This is one topic that gave me cause to really think deeply. I can’t say I have arrived in life, but I can boldly say that I am not where I used to be and I also cannot say I have all the credentials that defines or points to success. I just want to share my thoughts and understanding as it concerns success, and how parents should see and define it for their children. Prov. 22 v 6, is the guiding scripture of this Blog and every topic treated on this platform. I was told that in the 80s and early 90s if you wanted to be a footballer , musician, graphic artist etc. your parents would turn their backs on you insisting you study medicine, law, engineering, accountancy etc. but today the footballers and musicians etc. make more impact and more money than the supposed noble and respectable professions. As far as I’m concerned every legitimate field of endeavor is noble and respectable, it all depends on a good blend of character and talent and most importantly it must serve for the good of society.

according to Ryan Makhani,  founder of…….. @buildmyidea.

There are a million ways to be successful, but each of us needs to find our own.  

Today, we live in world where we can make a living out of just about anything. We can pursue our passion, serve the world and make money at the same time. I strongly believe that youth can start as early as possible in playing and exploring their passions. They can take part in various activities they enjoy, take a variety of courses to figure out which ones they like, talk to mentors, spend time with someone they admire, join causes they support, or even create an organization. Such activities can help them find their purpose in learning and guide their future journey in education.

The parents that I have seen who help their children define success for themselves usually do the following:

  1. The parents are aware of their own fears and dreams.
  1. The parents encourage and challenge their children rather than control all their decisions.
  1. The parents do not impose their definition of success onto their children, rather have conversations to help guide what success could be and what it could look like for their child.
  1. The parents ask questions that encourage their children to find their passions and define their goals.
  1. The parents provide tools for the child to explore and imagine their possibilities.
  1. The parents help the child not compare themselves to others, but rather to their own selves and own growth.
  1. The parents support the child’s curiosity and listen in ways that the child can feel supported.
  1. The parents take time to know their child in regards to what pushes their buttons, how to motivate them and what they love.
  1. The parents encourage the child playing in areas that could become a life-long passion.
  1. The parents recognize that the context in which their child is growing up is significantly different from their own childhood.

The ten ways listed above may not be easy to practice as adults. I have seen parents just trying to get by and keep up in the busy life that exists. The above tips are practices and may take time to bring into the family. A “tiger” mom or “helicopter” dad may be able to get their child to get good grades in a certain subject, go to a particular college or even finish grad school. But happiness and living a dream can’t be forced.

success is  not just defined by Good Grades + Good College + Good Job = Success.



My grand ma will always say that parents are caretakers and that God is the main owner of the child, what I really understood by her statement is that parents are basically guiding lights for their children and not imposers. Is it not better to guide a child through his desired profession, discipline or passion to the point where they’ll eventually make money and fame doing what they enjoying doing and by so doing bringing smiles to the faces of many. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Success as the fact of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame. A lot other dictionaries also see success as achieving wealth, fame and respect and they are not totally, but there is more to success than wealth, fame and respect. As a noun, success is defined as the accomplishment of aim or purpose. To me the accomplishment of our God given purpose is the ultimate definition of success. Purpose is simply the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists…… Every parents should see and define success for their children from this point of view, even as they allow the guidance of God.  HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! TO ALL OUR FATHERS!!! GOD BLESS OUR FATHERS!!!


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