Happy family cooking
Happy family cooking together and having fun

Life is generally  ruled by times and seasons, even the holy scripture says a lot about seasons; Eccl. 3 : 1, Luke 21 : 25 – 27….. Nigeria is in a very tough season of hardship and difficulties that will pass away just like the early 80s especially 1983 from my findings. The aim of this series is to call on parents and also enlighten aspiring parents that it’s time to make good of this season by teaching our children through exemplary living that seasons like this come and go and that they shape our lives based on the choices we make.
As a very religious nation we believe that God controls our resources, VERY TRUE! That’s why he deposited so much natural resources in our land, but that it’s been mismanaged, looted and misused due to our leadership challenges that which eventually brought us to this point of hardship is a topic for another day. Whatever your beliefs are, one way or the other this season has affected you.
The crux of the matter is that we have to face our present realities. As a parent that takes the kids to eat out every weekend in seasons like this that might have to stop. This is when you take out time to explain to the children in detail that it’s no longer financially responsible to keep eating out but that mummy will cook and the family will do picnics instead.


This is the season everyone is talking about #BUYNIGERIA #GROWTHENAIRA #THINKNIGERIA why not vacation with the kids in one the nice locations in the country as this saves you a lot of money and helps the growth of our nation while also explaining this to the kids also helps in the long-term. There are several ways to raise a child on understanding seasons and being a financially responsible. Subsequently I’ll share other instances and throw more insight on understanding seasons especially on how we can help our children understand it. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!


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