The role of the family as the most important social institution cannot be overemphasized. For me, after God its family…. (Ephesians 3 : 14 – 15). Apart from God, the biggest driver of the family is marriage; i.e husband and wife who now evolve to mother and father(parents). As important as family is, the father and most especially the mother are too important in the family make-up because of their role in shaping the next generation.

I have discovered that there is no perfect family no matter how rich, influential, spiritual or powerful. Even though the family is of divine origin and purpose (genesis 1 : 26 – 27), it is not short of imperfections. The present day family life is riddled with the problems of divorce, financial downturn, absentee parents, fallen social values and much more. These problems don’t just pop up, they are caused by a lot of factors, but my focus is on those particular problems that keep reoccurring in a particular family in their generations.

When this topic entered my spirit, it was my own family that first came to mind. My first line thought was ‘’parents must consciously and unashamedly open the eyes of their children to faulty family antecedents ’’. A lot of families do have these antecedents and some families that seems like all is well once had  them. In some families the sons die between the ages of 40 – 45, there is the case of a particular disease cutting short the life of members of a particular family (e.g diabetes, cancer etc.) There is also the case of family members having a particular bad habit/ addictions that they struggle with or is it the case of members of a particular family all struggling in their marriages. These instances go on and on, and this is why every parent must see it as a life duty beyond paying school fees and providing basics to expose these faulty antecedents to their children so as to guide them in making life choices as they grow. Parents all over the world want to see their children surpass them and become more successful, but these faulty family antecedents pose as a huge barrier to this.

I lost my dad as an early teenager and it was a huge painful loss, but he left me with words that shaped my life till date. He pointed out areas of my life I should carefully guard and certain family antecedents. It was a privilege being with him on his sick bed, and i can boldly say my dad left me with an inheritance. I cannot say my life is perfect, but there are certain mistakes I can’t make by the grace of God because of the knowledge of where it will lead me to. I’ll conclude by saying that parents knowing and understanding these antecedents for themselves and their children is simply a case of ‘’ A PROBLEM KNOWN IS HALF SOLVED’’. WATCH!!! This space for my next write-up!!


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