You Must Shape A Child, So You Don’t Mend an Adult- Part 1


There is so much wisdom and direction in the holy book especially as it concerns this topic; ” Train up a child in a way it should go (and in keeping with his individual gift or bent) and when he is old he will not depart from it” – Prov. 22 v 6(amp). From this portion of scriptures, there are two key words that are emphatic; ‘Train up’ and ‘go’, to me these two represent a process. A process that must start early and must not be truncated. I will always emphasis the importance of family and how once a family is broken, a small portion of society is broken thereby affecting a large portion of society. Family is a structure i.e a bridge put in by God for children to transit into phases of life in line with their  individual gifts. children cannot shape themselves that’s why God put in place parents, guardians, extended family and the wider society.

To shape means to give a definite or distinctive form, in this case it is to a child. On the other hand, to mend is to repair something broken. God gives children, but these children must go through a process which is the shaping process. According to the scripture earlier seen, you must train a child in line with their individual gift(ing) so that the child grows to not depart from it. We must understand that training a child is a stage by stage process that brings about an end result. These processes involve a lot but my focus is the training of the child mentally and socially. Mentally refers to issues relating to the mind i.e in a manner relating to the mind. socially on the other hand is with respect to the society and relationships. I would like us to really understand this part, as i will finish this topic in the part 2 which will digress further in explaining the above mentioned terms and properly finalize this topic.  Look out for part 2.


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