Baby mama & Baby Daddy, Where did we go wrong ?


      I was going through one of the top entertainment blogs, and I came across a statement made by a celebrated Nigerian musician. He said ” Making babies is not a product of marriage, but of love”. In shock, I asked myself what is the best way for babies to be made if not through marriage?I tried not to look at it from the christain believer standpoint, which is my standard or even through our cultural values.  This is about FAMILY,  which is the most important social institution put into place by God as the first contact for the child and for the upbringing of a child.  We all know what a proper family setting is, but we have chosen the easy way.


     An adult is in love with the opposite sex, and rather than work towards marriage, they start making babies.  I ask, why make babies and be comfortable with the ‘BABY MAMA’ & ‘BABY DADDY’ TAG. Now, how do you bring up a child as a baby daddy to his/her mother or  baby mama to his/her father, how ? Is that the proper setting to raise a child? I’m raising all this questions cause we all know the right thing to do,  but we rather copy foreign cultures and excuses of career pursuit as basis not to bring up a child in a proper family and marital setting.  You hear statements like ” marriage is not on my mind right now as i need to move my career to the next level”  “bringing up my child is my priority not marriage” I ask again,  all these excuses yet your own parents sacrificed a lot even their careers(mothers especially) to bring you up,  some of our parents were able to balance career, parenting and being wives and husbands. What is different now? Our celebrities and entertainers seem to be the biggest culprits, but i won’t judge
      It is incontrovertible that the best way to bring up children is as happily married couples, what I tag ‘MUMMY & DADDY CHILD REARING’. We in this generation need to make careful choices firstly on who to marry and proper ways to  raise our families. WHEN FAMILIES FAIL THE NATION FAILS.


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