Afro-Pessimism refers to the perception of sub-saharan Africa as a region too riddled with problems of good governance and economic development. (science. jrank.org/pages/7475/AfroPessimism). I will define it literally, “AFRO” means Africa/African or black people. “PESSIMISM” means a mind fixed on expecting the worst, a belief that bad will happen. Afro-Pessimism is largely associated with the feeling of inferiority and the thought that Africa will never attain greater heights.
According to Daryl Zizwe Poe; The term ” AFRO-PESSIMISM” describes a breed of African thinkers that have accepted defeat and have lost the ability to imagine the resurrected African personality.

This write-up is focused on the African child. A large number of African children grow up to deal with poverty, tribalism , ethnicity, war and conflict etc. Even though these problems have huge negative effects, I see Afro-Pessimism as one of the key social issues facing the African personality. African children should be brought up with a mind absent of Afro-Pessimism, and the responsibilty lies on parents (mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, guardian etc.)

★ The African child should be provided with quality education, and be taught how to balance informal and formal education.

★ The African child should be taught that no matter what he/she is going through they should hope and work for the best.

★ The African child should grow with Afro-optimism as a virtue, positive mindset, strong will, faith and self-confidence.

★ The African child should be made to understand that Africa is behind other continents in terms of development, and he/she has the value and capacity to change that.

★ The African child should be taught that leadership is rooted in service and integrity, and that it starts from your small corner.

★ They should be told that politics is all about service and stewardship.

★ They should be given reasons why Africa I will lead the world very soon.

★ They should be taught that wherever in the world they find themselves, they should be ambassadors of Africa, they should be humble, and carry themselves with pride , self respect and dignity.

★ They should be taught to respect peoples choices, and be mobilizers for social development.

There are so many things the African child should know and must be taught, but above all;
★The African child should be shown and taught to be a lover and also be shown how to love even when they don’t get it in return, they should be taught to pursue peace with all men

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