Isabel Aghahowa; Example of good parenting

Julius and Isabel aghahowa

Julius and Isabel aghahowa

The daughter of former Super Eagles ace striker Julius Aghahowa , Isabel Aghahowa, recently released her first book – a work of fiction titled The ‘Ellegers'(165 pages) and she’s just 13years old. The beauty and brain is studying in the UK, and is also a budding actress.

The key thing about this news, is that; julius and his wife deliberately choose to invest in the Education of their daughter, and see what it has resulted to, we can only imagine what she’ll turn out to by age 18. Intending parents must plan for there unborn children, as there are a thousand and one saving schemes that can be put to use, while parents must show lots of sacrifice to guarantee quality education for their children. Parents and intending Parents have no excuse not to provide quality education for your children as its the biggest inheritance you can bequeath for them, and it does not matter if its a male or female child, they all can succeed in any and everything.

Isabel and the Book cover

Isabel and the Book cover



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