As i continue on the values series, I’d like us to look at this topic. Through spoken words this beautiful world was created; Gen. 1 v 3. Make your children understand the importance of speaking and confessing the right (positive, lively, loving, and nice ) words and affirming; Prov. 22 v 6

kid president

kid president

Its been said that “words are the total make up of an individual”, its also said that “out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaketh”.   Its an obligation to the children that the parents must carry with passion. They must understand the power of their confessions. Imagine your kids growing into adults with such attitude. Positive speaking is a key value for life. What makes a child great is the values inculcated into him/her. Values are not inherited, they are taught.

Another dimension to this topic is that you cannot give what you don’t have I.e as a parent or as parents the practice of positive speaking should not be a struggle, as a matter of fact your kids should see you in the habit of positive speaking, that they should naturally inbibe it. Its so key that you get a ripple effect; that the child grows in self confidence, and into an adult that barely worries . The effects of positive speaking and affirmation are far reaching.
As Christians I.e Christ-like, every right value is rooted into what is tagged “foundational values” I.e spiritual values. Foundational values translates to the ways of christ and the love for his ways, it encapsulates all other values.



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