Sonya Carson and Dr Ben Carson

Sonya Carson and Dr Ben Carson

As a social engineer vis-a-vis my profession as a social worker, the family is by far the most important social institution.Even though other social institutions are important, that will be a topic for another day

The Fathers and Mothers (Parents), and their roles towards the training and upbringing of children cannot be over emphasized.
I feel they are the key actors in the role of transfering proper values to their offsprings. Value in this sense is very broad, it includes social, religious, educational, financial values and norms etc.
Going further, the holy book says “Train up a child in a way that he should go, and when he’s old he shall not turn from it” PROV. 22:6(NIV). A classic instance of parents transfering value that comes to my mind, is the case of Pastor john Osteen and son, Pastor Joel Osteen of the lakewood church. Pastor John osteen encouraged and guided his son joel into preaching at an early age, after pastor John passed on to glory, Joel was thrust into the ministerial leadership of the church. Apart from preaching, Joel was also encouraged in the areas of the media and business. Today under the leadership of pastor Joel, the church has grown in all aspects.

There are also the cases of Richard williams and his daughters Venus and Serena Williams, and Sonya carson (nee copeland) and her son Dr Ben Carson. My grand mum will always tell me that parents are caretakers, while God is the landlord when it involves children. Just as a property will/ might go bad when a caretaker fails in his responsibility same goes for parents who fail in the role of transfering proper values to their children.

In conclusion, both parents and intending parents must understand that their functions exceeds feeding, paying school fees, providing shelter, and other basic things. They must consciously and actively be in involved in creating the right path and values based foundation for their children.



  1. I’m completely in agreement as parenting cannot be disassociated from Value transfer / moralit Emphasis should be made o this.Value is the bedrock of every societal advancement and it fosters morality.

    Parenting is incomplete without this responsibility duly attended. Our future lives in this.

    Parent must be proactive in the pursuit of this course as no other will fit in to this wholesome task. Tomorrow’s success depends on their active and conscious input and stride to make it so.

    The future started yesterday and we are already late. John Legend.


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