Should You Have Your Unborn Children in Mind, Before You Marry That Man or Woman ?By Emeka Ewenike(social worker)

I say YES ! There’s an Igbo parable that says “Be friends with the right opposite sex because of marriage”. I say not just because of marriage, but because of your unborn children.
Though not vast in genetics, i understand that the personality and character (innate character) of a child is largely drawn from both parents i.e genetically.
My opinion is that, before you pop that question or before you say yes, you should look at the character traits of the person, and it should go further to his or her family members. I would not claim to be an expert in how to pick the right Life partner, but I know that the holy book says “By their friuts you shall know them” you can’t get too spiritual about it.
This is a very key factor before getting married, and it must be understood that my chief concern is the CHILDREN. To be a bit specific, innate character traits like stealing, violent anger, gossiping etc. are not stuffs you or any other human can change.
Genetically, there are huge chances your children will pick up these traits. Sweet heart it goes beyond being in love or the feelings you have for that person, these are things you look at even before you pray or tell your pastor(christains).
I believe one should have an indepth knowledge of his/her partners character for key reasons of compatibilty, understanding(you don’t want to be fighting in front of your kids) and ultimately for good character make-up of your children.

N/B: There are other factors that affect the character make-up of a child, but genetics is key. This write-up is based on the findings and personal opinion of the writer.

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