GLOBAL DAY OF PARENTS: Single parenting bad for children – Experts

As the world marks the Global Day of Parents on
Sunday (today), specialists in childcare and family
matters have called on parents to ensure proper
upbringing of their children.
An educator at the International Parent Institute,
United States of America, Andrea Mosby, told
SUNDAY PUNCH, through an electronic mail that
children were a reflection of the society and that
parents had failed in giving them the tools necessary for upbringing.
She added that single parenting was not the best or
easiest way to raise children.
She said, “Our children are a reflection of the adults
in the society. We have not given them the tools to
deal with conflict resolution. Our children want us,
their parents and other adults in society, to act like
adults and teach by example. We have fallen short of this.
“Parents are truly having a difficult time
establishing some of the most basic dnorms and
foundation due to the society’s lack of concern for
every child.”
Mosby added that parents had important roles to
play in what their children learn and should be held
accountable for their development.
“We need to demonstrate to our children self-control
first; be an example of what we want to see in our
children. It is impossible to really give them the
wisdom and direction they yearn for if our lives
show them the opposite.
“We should be willing to take a break from our lives
and be engaged in our children’s lives. We should
stop looking at our next career and/or life
opportunity and spend more time teaching our
children how to deal with their obstacles,” she said.
Similarly, the Managing Director, Hope for Family
Development Initiative, Nigeria, Mr. Aremu
Stephen, pointed out that parents should develop
good relationship with their children to enable
effective communication. According to him, that is
the area parents need to improve on.
“From my assessment, Nigerian parents are good in
bringing up children but they lack effective parent-
child communication. That is a big problem.
“The society expects that parents should have a
responsible attitude towards their children. They
should maintain a friendly relationship with them
so that the children can talk to them,” Stephen said.
A sociologist and strategy consultant, Mr. Michael
Ahibogwu, in an interview with our correspondent
also said parents had an important role to play in
the formation of a good society by bringing up
children to be good adults.
“Parents have the right to interfere and make
amends in the peer groups their children mix with
but as they grow over time, they may not be able to
control those associations. They should be
observant and build the right foundation at the early
stage”, Ahibogwu said.

Source: PUNCH


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